Quick Portable Barbecue Grilling Tips for Beginners

Are you fanatic about barbequing? Do you enjoy an outdoor barbecue setting? If you do, we definitely have the same thing in common! There are a lot of things to like about having a barbecue, from testing different barbecue recipes and sauces, but also the freedom of being able to cook outside house on a portable barbecue or a hibachi grill. I think this makes the food tastes even better and it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Perhaps you haven’t been overly successful or enjoyed the whole experience, well, perhaps I can help you with some basic barbecue tips that will guide you to a successful barbecue party or perhaps a simple get together with friends.

Here are some basic barbecue tips:

• To keep your meat fresh, be sure to cook it within an hour of exposing the meat to room temperature.
• Before you start the cooking any meat, rub the grill with oil to prevent your meat or patties from sticking.
• Marinades tenderize meat, keep them moist during cooking, and enhance flavor. Overnight marinating is ideal for meat to absorb all the seasoning. If you don’t have the time, try to marinate the meat at least 2 hours prior to cooking.
• Baste the meat during the barbecuing process with the marinade if sugar content is minimal. If you wait to baste the meat towards the last quarter of cooking, it could cause the meat to dry out.
• When turning meat, be sure to use a Tong and a spatula
• Please don’t pierce the meat with a fork. You will lose the flavorful juices of the meat.
• Don’t add any salt until the meat is cooked to avoid it from getting dry and tough.
• If you are using an old fashioned charcoal barbecue, light coals about 30 minutes prior to cooking.

Barbecue Tips when cooking burgers on a portable barbecue grill:

• When making burgers, lean ground pork tend to make for the juciest burger patties. Dress them up and brush with barbeque sauce or just keep them plain and simple (I prefer to add some seasoning).
• Barbecue burger patties should be cooked well done.

Barbecue Tips when cooking Steaks and Chops:

• Use direct heat over low to medium coals when cooking steaks and chops.
• You need to use tongs when turning steaks and chops.
• Cook the meat until it is slightly firm to your touch or until the meat is brown
• Again, make sure to keep the meat in the fridge and allow only an hour if meat are left in room temperature.
• Marinate meat at least 2 hours before you throw it on the barbecue grill. It is best if marinated overnight so it can allow the meat to absorb the marinade, which will result in a flavorful barbecue.
Sausage Barbecue Tips:
• There are wide varieties of cured, smoked, fully-cooked, and fresh sausages that are available today and perfect for barbecue party.
• By brushing sauces or using a marinade on your sausages, you will get an instant gourmet flavor. It is best if you brush the sausages during the last quarter of cooking time.

Barbecuing outdoors with a portable barbecue grill is a ton of fun, especially during a family get-together or during a neighborhood party. In a barbecue party, more people can help you out with the cooking, since there is generally plenty of room for anyone who wants to help out.

I hope these barbecue tips were helpful and can guide you in hosting a successful barbecue party!